What are the best Instagram Bots in 2020 and how to keep your account protected?

Instagram bots (IG bot) are used to automate your account activity, for example, exchanges, comments, direct messages, follow-up, cancellation of follow-up and others.

The goal is to increase the number of your followers and create real followers, and not fake traffic and fake accounts.

Instagram bots can speed up the daily management of your account and increase the number of visits, followers and clicks on your website.

The 20 minute video below explains in detail how to set up an Instagram bot to help you grow your Instagram accounts..

Instagram bots can automate many tasks – such as posting messages to Instagram feeds based on the goals and guidelines you enter in the Instagram bot.

This means that you will increase the visibility of your account because you will appear more often on the Instagram feed.. Of course, this will allow people to find your content and your username, scroll through your account and, if they like what they see, they can follow you.

Protect Your Instagram Account

Instagram accounts with engaging content and proper automated targeting will generate activity and interactions that are likely to be perceived as natural and result in real profile visits.. This will likely stay under the radar of any scrutiny by Instagram..

Conversely, an Instagram account with dull and irrelevant content, poorly automated targeting and configuration, interact with people who find the activity to be bogus or spammy.

Everyone has experienced it in the past, from irrelevant automated MDs to random followers in different niches.
In 2017, Instagram has requested the closure of several services, especially Instagress, but there are alternatives.

The main Instagram bots

We have tried them all and the results are shown below:

Instagram Bot

instagram bot follower
  • Test 24 hours for 0,99 EUR
  • Automation of choice of story style
  • Integrated security and available proxy settings
  • Settings and filtering variable speed available
Inflact (Formerly Ingrammer)

instagram bot follower
  • 2 weeks trial for 32 EUR
  • Style automation Like / Follow / Stop Following
  • Features of standard security and proxy
  • Basic speed settings and filter options

instagram bot follower
  • 3 days free trial
  • Automation of Like / follow / no longer follow / comment
  • Options minimum security and no proxy
  • 3 settings of speed, advanced filtering and limiting

instagram bot follower
  • 3 day trial for 1 EUR
  • Automation of Like / follow / no longer follow / comment
  • Security and assistance by proxy available
  • Speed ​​adjustment and filtering available
Social Sensei

Social Sensei
  • Consultation free and 5 days free trial
  • a account Manager
  • The address VPN/IP unique for safety
  • Activity settings automatic speed

  • The plan of Starter is free permanently
  • Automation of Like / comment
  • Medium security with the built-in proxy
  • Speed ​​adjustment unique for automation

  • 3 days free trial
  • Automation of I like / follow / no longer follow / comment / watch stories / repost / DM
  • Integrated security and dedicated proxies
  • Speed ​​adjustment available

  • 5 days free trial
  • Automation of Like / follow / no longer follow / comment
  • Integrated security and available proxy settings
  • Only settings optimal available

  • 3 days free trial
  • Automation of I like / follow / no longer follow / watch stories
  • Standard security with built-in proxy
  • 3 speed settings with smart filters

  • 3 days free trial
  • Automation of I like / follow / no longer follow
  • Security and assistance by proxy available
  • No speed adjustment

What is the procedure to follow to inform you of the existence of false followers?

Instagram tries to stop bots using a few techniques:

  • A notification “push” informing you that they are deleting messages “inauthentiques” that have been identified and generated by a third-party application. Your account information is flagged as compromised because you shared it with a third party.
  • Instagram is broadcasting this notification to encourage customers to change their passwords, what disconnects you from the third party (bot Instagram)
  • Another notification indicates that you are using a service that “helps you find friends and followers” and block your account during a given period.
  • For that, this is often due to the fact that you are using an Instagram automation service that is unsafe or that you automate your likes or comments in an untimely way. The bot comments have taken over Instagram and sent a red flag to Instagram – so be careful not to automate the IG robot in the wrong way.

    If one of the three points above occurs, so try not to worry. It is recommended to stop trying to interact through your account, and either change your Instagram bot, either schedule your exchanges at a much slower pace. The block will disappear within the period indicated in the notification (usually a week) and you can continue to interact.

    Instagram does not impose any action other than sending the 3 notifications above.

    Protect Your Instagram Account

    It is not common for your account to be hacked or compromised by an IG bot, because these robots exist specifically to help their customers. These robots rely on the protection of your data and your account.

    What you can do

    There is only one way to ensure that your Instagram account receives the highest form of protection., and that is to use a power of attorney on your account.

    A proxy changes the location from which the bot connects, so that it does not perform mass actions from one place, what will tend to be reported as abusive behavior.

    Our preferred proxy service that we have found is FrogProxy. This is a mobile proxy service, which means that the connection is the same as that of a smartphone, so she doesn't look suspicious on Instagram.

    Consult the FrogProxy features here and make sure that if you are using social media automation, you protect your account with a proxy.

    Trick: As you may still receive these specific notifications when you automate the account, it is recommended to always be safe and use the most secure bot that exists.

    What are the functionalities and characteristics of Instagram bots?

    We manage different Instagram accounts – so we had to test the first 10 to see which Instagram bot works best, and which one is the safest!

    What are the best Instagram bots?

    #1 – Bot de Followers Instagram

    instagram bot follower

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/ibf

    Price: 9,99 EUR per month

    The reason we prefer IBF over other bots is because it is the second cheapest on the market and not all of the other tools available offer a wide range of features at this price point..

    Faster automated activities: Yes – there are automated activity speeds, which means you can set your own speed. IBF also offers a fantastic content scheduler, automation of direct messages and analysis, which makes this Instagram bot the best choice because it has so many features, is on, easy to use and above all very affordable every month.

    VPN and configuration: Create your own VPN using this bot.

    Security: Integrated security systems and the ability to use your own mobile proxy for complete peace of mind. The only downside to this Instagram automation service is that there is no customer service., but that's not surprising at this price point. If you have automation experience, it won't be a problem.

    Similar bots: If you like the functionality of Instagram's Bot Follower but need help from customer service, then Social Captain may be a good choice.

    #2 – Inflact (previously Ingrammer)

    inflact instagram bot

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/inflact

    Price: 49 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed: Yes – they have the necessary parameters to protect you. They feature detailed activity speeds that mimic real human behavior, statistics and filtering.

    VPN and configuration: Included when creating the account.

    Security: Standard security features you expect from an automation service.

    Second place: Boostgram is a similar tool that allows you to develop your instagram account, although it is not as efficient as Inflact.

    #3 – Instazood

    instazood instagram bot

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/instazood

    Price: 13 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed: Automated speed settings are good in this regard – with standard settings, you will not exceed the limits set by Instagram.

    VPN and configuration: No VPN setup or help.

    Security: Instazoods have been around for quite some time and are known in the market for their reliable customer service.. Over the years, they managed to adapt to Instagram updates and changes, which can only be a good thing for customers. You really need this kind of experience and knowledge if you are seriously considering growing your multi Instagram accounts..

    This is not the best experience or user interface, but the customer service is perfect !

    Similar bots: Gramista is very similar to Instazood.

    #4 – Instamb

    instamber instagram bot

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/instamber

    Price: 13 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed: Standard speed options.

    VPN and configuration: No built-in proxy settings.

    Security: The basic package gives you standard security, but no native proxy is lacking in this bot. You can pay an account manager to keep your automation within limits.

    Joli bot, easy to use with good targeting options.

    Similar bots: kicksta

    #5 – Social Sensei

    Social Sensai Instagram Bot

    Instagram Bot:http:/https://winchesclub.com/socialsensei

    Price: 255 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed: There are automated speed activity settings with this tool and they manage every step of the social media automation process for you. This includes a review to determine the most effective activity speeds that will prevent you from being reported..

    VPN and configuration: You receive your own VPN and IP address.

    Security: Expect to receive a dedicated account manager to help you every step of the way. When you launch a campaign, you will need a list of hashtags and accounts that you want to set as automation targets and their team handles the rest. Results are usually based on the quality of the content and the settings you use, However, we saw 500-1000 new subscribers per month with Social Sensei.

    Similar bots: Upleap provides a dedicated account manager to help you grow your followers.

    #6 – Combin

    Combin Instagram Bot

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/combin

    Price: 18 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed: Unique speed setting for automation drops the platform.

    VPN and configuration: : You can add your own proxy using the built-in proxy tool.

    Security: Very secure and consistent platform – you can manually select the accounts you want to track in advance, then Combin will execute the requests with Instagram, giving you full control.

    Similar bots: This bot is quite unique in its operation – no other uses manual selection for specific actions.

    #7 – InstaBoss

    Instaboss Instagram bot

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/instaboss

    Price: 11.90 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed: Tools in the form of artificial intelligence are used to limit your activities before Instagram blocks your account. It relaunches them automatically afterwards.

    VPN and configuration: The software allows you to configure a proxy, and depending on the type of offer, you can get up to 10 proxies.

    Security: They claim to be 100% secure because each of their offers includes dedicated proxies. What's more, your data is encrypted and you benefit from premium support, which is quite fast.

    Similar bots: Jeffrey

    #8 – Jarvee

    Jarvee Instagram Bot

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/jarvee

    Price: 29.95 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed: No mention of the speed setting for automated activities.

    VPN and configuration: Expect each Instagram account to run with its own HTTP proxy.

    Security: This bot was designed to mimic daily social activities on Instagram up to ten times faster than the average person could complete them individually. The bot can be risky, since it operates continuously for 24 hours every day, and users run the risk of repeatedly exceeding Instagram engagement limits.

    Similar bots: Growthoid

    # 9 - Instavast

    Instavast Bot instagram

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/instavast

    Price: 13 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed:Instavast lets you adjust the speed of automation. This feature can be useful if you want to minimize the risk that Instagram will detect you.. You have the choice between 3 speeds starting with slow, normal and fast. The recommended setting for the speed of your activity should be “Lent” when you start using their services.

    VPN and configuration: :
    Locally designed proxy apps can be downloaded and installed on your mobile or PC.

    Security:Standard security features, However, they claim that their growth service fully complies with Instagram's terms of service.

    Similar bots: Nitreo

    #10 – Ektora

    Ektora Instagram Bot

    Instagram Bot: https://winchesclub.com/ektora

    Price: 95 EUR per month

    Automated activity speed: They have the required settings to protect your account and on their website it says that the bot complies with Instagram's terms of service.

    VPN and configuration: It offers free proxy purchase and setup. Their system also takes care of implementing proxy security for you..

    Security: In terms of security, Ektora offers a different and innovative solution to ensure that its users are not perceived as spam or banned. All automation tasks are AI-based and the platform uses facial recognition and emulates the latest version of the Instagram mobile app. Their growth service is based on human behavior in terms of Instagram activity, this is how they manage to develop an audience full of real users.

    Similar bots: Growthsilo



    A. Out of all the bots we found, we recommend Instagram Follower Bot because it works very fast, especially on hyper pro vote.


    A. You can protect your account by using a proxy service. In this way, your IP address will change automatically.


    A. IBF and Ingramer are the best instagram bots for security. You can protect your account by using a proxy service.


    A. It all depends on how you treat your account and if you are using a proxy..


    A. Most Instagram bots are automatically similar and follow, depending on each individual bot.


    A. Social media companies may frown on some bots, depending on what each bot does. Although they are not illegal.


    A. Most bots have good results, in particular IBF and Ingramer.


    A. Some bots have stopped working, and some functions may no longer be active. However, most of the bots in the above list work perfectly fine.


    A. Yes, you can get real followers pretty quickly depending on your niche.

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