How To Contact Influencers On Instagram

If you want to get in touch with the big brands and influencers in your niche on Instagram, there are some things you need to know to avoid getting shot.

There are over a billion active Instagram users, and if you want to get this partnership with a big influencer or a popular brand, you will need to stand out and make sure you are heard. Instagram is one of the best ways to network with other brands and increase your social media and business presence..

This article is about the best approach to take in order to grab people's attention and get them excited about working with you.. Remember that some of the large Instagram accounts will receive hundreds of messages every day, so it is important to stand out and hang them immediately.

Partnership with a major influencer

Contact Brands And Influencers On Instagram

If you plan to have an impact on influencer accounts, whatever your size or the size of these, you will have to do the following:

  • Target the right people – it is pointless to send messages to people who are not interested in you or who do not correspond to your brand image and your personality
  • Bring them value – many people focus on what they are trying to achieve, instead of focusing on how they can help the person they reach
  • Accept rejection – you are going to have to send a lot of messages and a lot of them will miss their mark, so be prepared to accept rejection
  • Stay devoted – you have to keep doing it and not give up, even in the face of constant rejection and ignorance Now that you have a basic idea of ​​how to proceed, let's get into the details.

Targeting The Right People

In order to obtain the best results, you will have to target the accounts that are related to your content. We recently published an article on how to quickly find new accounts in your niche., so read it quickly if you just want a lot of accounts to manage.

You can also use a more in-depth approach, on searching for a hashtag or a location that relates to your niche and reviewing accounts one by one to Contact. Doing so, try not to worry too much about the number of followers, but instead focus on the engagement rate and the quality of the content.

Instagram - content quality

Bring them value

Instead of sending hundreds of Messages asking for the same thing, instead try to find a way to somehow increase the value of this account. It could be as easy as giving them content, send them samples, or even offer them a form of cross-promotion.

This last option can be interesting if you have a large number of online followers on other platforms such as your website or Facebook., but that you branch out on Instagram. Give them added value instead of just asking them for something, and you may find that these accounts meet your demands much better.

Instagram -  account value

Accept Rejection

You will probably have to send a lot of messages before you get anywhere, and there will be a lot of rejects and even more ignored posts. The main thing is not to take it personally, you might have received them at a bad time or, if they receive a lot of messages, they might not see your general manager. Try to play with the numbers and don't let rejection affect you, it will take a while before people start responding to you.

Instagram -  accept Rejection

Stay Motivated

Following the previous section, you are going to have to send a lot of messages and the most important thing you can do is stay engaged in your activities. You may need to send 100 messages before someone responds to your request, or maybe even 1000, but it doesn't matter because it always happens at the end.

The good thing is, that's once you've got a partnership in the bag, you can use it to your advantage to get others. You can tell your customers : “I am working with this client on this project, I was hoping to get you involved too”.

It can be a great negotiator and can get you interested in more people., what can snowball in your networking activities.

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