Reels Instagram : Instagram's response to TikTok

Just as Donald Trump pronounced a ban on the latest social media craze – TikTok, Instagram announces the timely release of Instagram Reels.

Donald Trump has long been a bit of a social media embarrassment, but he has now decided that the short video platform TikTok has no place in the United States, citing that China is in the process of retrieving information.

Whether you like TikTok or not, the truth is it's a marketer's dream, with some of the highest engagement rates and session lengths of any social media platform.

TikTok Sessions Timetable

If you do the average, Instagram only gets an average session length of around 3 minutes, while TikTok gets a session length of 10 minutes.

It appears that the strength of TikTok lies in the format of the content, and in this essential algorithm that keeps people hooked by showing them content they like.

TikTok's Famous Content Focuses On Musical Shots, dance and movement, and it is intended for a predominantly young audience.

Now it looks like Instagram is keen to attract this younger audience and create a new format in which content can be shared on the platform., with the introduction of their new Instagram Reels feature.

Reels Instagram

Reels gives users the ability to record short 15 second videos and add music and effects to the video, very similar to how TikTok works.

Instagram also added a specific location for reels on its explore page, which can be explored vertically, just like the page “For you” of TikTok.

It looks like TikTok's success has caught the attention of the social media giant, and now Instagram wants to be part of the action.

Instagram success

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the platforms for most successful social media Of the history, but if we look at their story, we can see that some of their best ideas have been taken from other platforms.

When Instagram launched Story in 2016, many people said they copied Snapchat's Story feature.

Stories Instagram very quickly surpassed Snapchat in terms of users and engagement, so it's hard to say that Instagram is just copying ideas.

A wise man once said that the best ideas in life are imitated, and these two examples prove that Instagram has the ability to recognize strong ideas in social media and integrate them into its platform model.

This is a very different concept from just stealing an idea, Instagram had to freeze Stories and Reels with their existing model and find a way to improve their version.

Features on Reels

Instagram Reels is not exactly an equivalent of TikTok, and there are some major differences between the two.

One of the great qualities of TikTok was the ability to upload your own songs to the system, but with Instagram Reels, This is not the case.

It is also not possible to make “duos” with other people, as is the case with TikTok, which means people can't collaborate on the same video.

Reels, just like Stories, was designed to be a component in its own right for the world of Instagram, which means it's something else to do on Instagram, and not a brand new app.



TikTok's future looking uncertain, many influential people recognize that the ship may be in danger, and they rush to other platforms as fast as possible.

The problem is that communities on these other platforms might not receive these TikTokers as well as they did on their home platform..

Remember that TikTok is aimed at a predominantly young audience, and that it is mainly focused on music and dance.

Time will tell if this type of content is well suited to other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook..

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