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Sometimes the search function for hashtag specific to Instagram may seem a little limited, and even their desktop version is pretty basic. Fortunately, there are a number of Instagram hashtag research tools that offer a more elaborate solution for hashtag research.

Whether you are a blogger, a business or even a simple Instagram addict who wants to improve their social network, you need to choose the right hashtags in order to reach the best audience.

Instagram hashtag

Find The Best Instagram Hastags with MetaHashtags

Metahashtags.com is an Instagram hashtag generator that helps you find the best Instagram hashtags to target for your posts. Start by searching the search box to find a hashtag or account.

Metahashtags Instagram

The hashtag search tool will offer you suggestions as you type, and you can explore hashtags and accounts as you go. When looking for accounts, he extracts all hashtags used by this account, which may take a few minutes.

Instagram Hashtag Search

Once you've searched for an account or hashtag, you can add it to the clipboard on the right side. Of the, you can copy the list of hashtags you want, to use them on Instagram of other websites.

Instagram upload hashtags

We use this feature constantly to upload hashtags in bulk to our automation platform first class HyperVote Pro. The ability to update your hashtags quickly and easily means that your targets are not only more relevant but also more effective.. You can also use the advanced filter options to narrow your search to the features you are looking for..

Instagram upload hashtags

You can change the settings for:

  • Name him posts that the hashtag gets
  • Name him likes that these posts receive
  • Posts per hour using the hashtag

This means that you can get optimal hashtags depending on whether you are a large influencer account or a regular Instagrammer.. One thing we really like is the banned hashtags section, which is updated almost every day. This means that you can avoid problems by avoiding the hashtags that Instagram has banned from its platform..

the hashtags that Instagram has banned from its platform


The MetaHashTags platform is an incredible tool, and considering that it is completely free, we think it offers one of the best ways to get new hashtags quickly and easily. Try it out today and see if you can get better engagement using hashtags that are relevant to your content and popular within the Instagram community..

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