The Best TikTok Bots on the Market and How to Protect Your Account


instagram bot follower
  • 3 days free trial
  • Follow / do not follow style automation
  • Very secure with a built-in proxy
  • Smart algorithm and fast speeds
instagram bot follower
  • No free trial at this time
  • Like the automation of styles
  • Secure settings but no proxy
  • Smart settings even on the basic package
instagram bot follower
  • No trial - $ 15 per week
  • Like motorized automation
  • Secure platform but no proxy
  • Smart targeting and parameters
instagram bot follower
  • No free trial available
  • Follow / Do not follow style bot
  • Proxy inclus
  • Advanced settings and support
instagram bot follower
  • No trial but affordable at $ 15 per month
  • Automation based on follow / do not follow / Like
  • No proxy, reasonably safe
  • Precise targeting and good performance
Tok Growth
instagram bot follower
  • No trial available
  • Automation based on Jaime
  • No proxy but a very secure platform
  • Smart targeting and speed control
instagram bot follower
  • 3 days free trial
  • Follow / Do not follow / Like style bot
  • No proxy settings available
  • Average parameters

TikTok is the latest social media platform that has seen unprecedented growth since its release in September 2016.

She has grown by leaps and bounds and has become a major contender for social media., and for good reason.

TikTok is kind of a dream for marketers, with session durations and engagement rate among the highest of all social media.

It is therefore not surprising that there are now TikTok bots in the market that can automate specific tasks., as follow, track down, comment and like posts.

We wanted to know which bots are available, how they are performing and if they deserve to be considered by influencers and marketers.

The main TikTok bots

We reviewed 7 of the most popular TikTok Bots available today:

    1. Tik Tok Bot - The best TikTok Bot on the market, n ° 1 by far.
    2. TikTool - Good growth, reliable, with smart features – #2.
    3. TokUpgrade - Install and forget – n°3
    4. Jeffrey - A good platform with good analyzes – n°4.
    5. Instamb - A simpler approach that works well – n°5.
    6. Tok Growth - Great for beginners but not as focused – n°6.
    7. Vire - Slower automation compared to other services – n°7.

tik tok bot cta helps you boost your account through automated engagement and has the potential to attract thousands of followers depending on the bot's uptime.

We ran TikTokBot for a few weeks and were impressed with the quality of the features and the results..

The set-up was quick and easy, and there are many features to play with and optimize your automation.

Price – $$ – $29.90 p/m

Characteristics – 4/5 – Track / Do Not Track Automation with Multiple Targeting Options, intelligent algorithm and analysis.

Security – 4.5/5 – Secure connection and mobile proxy included.

Assistance – 4.5/5 – Premium customer support to help you on your journey.

Note – 4.5/5 – It’s the best in everything and we especially liked the ease of use and the emphasis on safety..


tiktool tiktok bot

TikTool uses standard follow / do not follow style automation with a few additional functions.

Smart suggestion tools and hashtag finder give it a slight edge over the competition.

The price of the basic option is very high, that of the premium service, faster and better, is higher.

Price – $$ – $29 p/m

Characteristics – 4.5/5 – Excellent features, including smart hashtags and suggestions.

Security – 4/5 – Secure platform but no built-in proxy options.

Assistance – 3.5/5 – Basic support unless you opt for the premium service at double the price.

Note – 4/5 – Very good platform but no proxy lets it down.


tokupgrade logo
Tokupgrade received a lot of praise, so we had to try it.

They have two plans to get you started – regular and pro.

In both cases, you benefit from a dedicated account manager and full support.

Price – $$$ – $60-100 p/m

Characteristics – 3.5/5 – Excellent filtering but targeting based only on accounts.

Security – 3.5/5 – Secure platform but it would be good to see a proxy.

Assistance – 4/5 – Account manager included.

Note – 3.5/5 – A decent service but which needs more security at this price point.


jeffery only tok bot
Jeffery is the name of a large TikTok bot.

Standard follow / do not follow automation to start bringing in these followers.

They have two paid plans – Starts an Enterprise, which bring in the astronomical sum of 349,$ 99 per month.

Until now, the reports were very good and they received many positive reviews.

Price – $$$ – $49.99 p/m

Characteristics – 4/5 – Targeting, smart statistics and parameters are very easy to use.

Security – 4/5 – Secure platform and private proxy included.

Assistance – 4/5 – 24 hour customer support, 7 days on 7.

Note – 4/5 – Great automation that ticks all the boxes, slightly more expensive.



Instamb Le bot TikTok, similar to Auto Tokker, allows you to get automated likes and followers, which are all based on username and hashtag.

It is cheaper, but nevertheless offers a good platform to develop your TikTok.

It is on the cheaper end of the scale but still provides a good platform to grow your TikTok.

Price – $ – $15 p/m

Characteristics – 3.5/5 – Standard username and hashtag targeting.

Security – 3/5 – Secure connection but no proxy options.

Assistance – 3.5/5 – Online assistance.

Note – 3.5/5 – Good automation service, but requires a proxy.

Tok Growth

tok growth app

Tok Growth is an efficient service that offers good functionality.

He adopted the usual approach which consists of proposing 2 formulas, Starter and Pro.

Pro gives you much better settings, but at a higher price.

Price – $$$ – $60-100 p/m

Characteristics – 3.5/5 – Hashtag targeting only the Starter package.

Security – 3/5 – Secure platform but no proxy options.

Assistance – 3/5 – Lack of dedicated support.

Note – 3/5 – Not bad, but for the price, it could be better.


vire tiktok bot

Vire has been the subject of a lot of hype recently, but we are not sure that this is justified.

Of all the platforms we reviewed, it is the one that seems to be the most expensive with the fewest features.

However, it offers full account management, what may appeal to some people.

Price – $$$ – $100 p/m

Characteristics – 3/5 – Hashtag targeting and some other features.

Security – 3/5 – No proof of proxy compatibility.

Assistance – 4/5 – Account managers and online support.

Note – 3/5 – It unfortunately does not live up to the hype.


How To Protect Your Tik Tok Account From Ban ?

Social media has been banned for some time and it's there for good reasons.

They prevent users from abusing limits to perpetuate their own growth, which can sometimes make it difficult to grow your followers.

These limits will always be in place, so the best thing you can do to protect your TikTok account is to use a proxy mobile.

A mobile proxy means your connection to TikTok is the same as that of a mobile browser, which ensures that your trust score will not be affected if you exceed the limits.

It is important to remember that getting a block and being banned are two different things., as shown below:

  • A block usually means that you have been blocked from taking actions
  • A ban is pronounced when your account is temporarily or permanently withdrawn from service

Why is your TikTok account blocked ?

Your TikTok account may be blocked for various reasons.

This usually happens when:

  • You follow too many people too quickly
  • You like too many positions
  • You comment too often
  • Your comments are spammy in nature
  • You post something that is against EU guidelines

If you follow the guidelines of the TikTok community and do not post anything obscene, you probably won't have any problem.

What are the main reasons why your account is blocked ?

“Participation in cyberbullying content, harassment or hate speech or incitement to hatred against an individual or group of people because of their race, of their ethnicity, of their religion, of their nationality, of their culture, of their handicap, their sexual orientation, of their sex, of their sexual identity, their age or any other discrimination could lead to the prohibition” according to community guidelines.

  • Bare posts – This is an obvious reason and has caused problems for many people on Instagram. No social media company wants nudity on their platform, especially one aimed at a young audience. It's a good tip to keep all videos clean.
  • Post messages about guns or illegal drugs – Any posting about guns or drugs is against community guidelines and may be subject to a lengthy ban.
  • Publication of copyrighted content – It is recommended that you do not reuse copyrighted content in your TikTok videos. Creating clear reproductions of videos of other popular users can result in a stealthy ban.

How Long Does Banning a TikTok Last ?

The most common length of the ban is around 14 days.

Nevertheless, if you persistently violate EU directives, you can benefit from a longer and indefinite ban.

How to deal with a stealth ban ?

You can wait if your account is popular. You can also create a new Tik Tok account.

Some users mention that their IP address is fully blocked, the only way to fix it is to change your IP address.


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