IGTV Shopping is now available on Instagram

Instagram announced earlier this month that IGTV shopping is now global.
The huge success of the shopping feature comes after the news feed, story and live posts have been used by many businesses and brand owners.
Instagram reported that approximately 130 million people view shopping posts each month.
Given these figures, it made perfect sense to Instagram launch IGTV's shopping function.
The original purpose of the store functionality was to help businesses grow further and, from Instagram, 60% of users acknowledge exploring and discovering new products on Instagram.
If you haven't set up your Instagram store yet, we recommend you do it. Things are changing faster than ever, and the store feature has been a huge hit for Insta marketers.
They have been of great service to users by helping them reach their audiences in a more convenient and efficient way..
Instagram's rapid updates and changes ensure to keep their users captured. Then, make sure you are part of it and capture your audience with IGTV shopping.
instagram shopping

Should you use IGTV Shopping for your brand?

IGTV shopping is an exciting opportunity for influencers and creators who use their platform to connect with their audience, to earn extra money effortlessly.
IGTV shopping will allow you to tag the products you are talking about in your videos, directly in these videos.
This functionality is similar to that which allows to tag a person on a photo., but by tagging a product instead.
Previously, users were limited in how they could advertise the products they were promoting in their videos.
Thanks to the possibility of tagging products, you no longer need to leave multiple links in the captions of your videos.
Another powerful tool is the cashier function, but it is currently only available in the United States. When it is global, things will change forever.
The ability to view a product, touch to buy and checkout on Insta is going to change the way people use Insta to shop.
In fact, 70% of shoppers return to Instagram to check out new products.
A lot has changed in recent months, and you should make sure to use all the features currently available in your region to maximize your success.

The future of IGTV shopping

IGTV shopping is set to boom and may well become the best way to attract your customers.
Thanks to the video format, to the sound and now to the subtitles, your content is more accessible than ever. The more accessible your content is, the bigger your audience will be. This is marketing in all its glory.
During the pandemic, Instagram has gone to great lengths to roll out new features such as the store function, the QR code and now IGTV Shopping.
Their main objective has been to help companies, marks, influencers and individuals to reach their maximum potential.
You should really take this time to rethink and reshape your marketing strategies by making the most of every feature they offer..

How to capture your audience with videos

If you want to get the most out of IGTV shopping, first you need to make sure you can connect with your audience through videos.
Videos Can Be A Powerful And Easy Way To Build Your Insta Presence, depending on how you can connect and engage in depth with your audience.
The videos show your dedication and can easily be used to share your brand story. Not only do you offer a window on your experience, but your audience can also feel your passion for what you serve.
There are many ways to engage with your audience, for example:
• Tutorials
• Highlight the characteristics of the products
• Present new products
• Exclusive content before the launch of a product
• For educational purposes
• Training sessions
Follow the instructions below on how to upload a video and start sharing your story with your fans today..


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