How to Repost Someone's Story on Instagram When You're Untagged

Instagram offers a plethora of user-friendly features. However, one factor that may leave individuals perplexed is reposting. This allows you to repost anything, especially someone's stories on Instagram, but you also need to be tagged in the process as you requested. What's more, even if you repost anything on Instagram, it is really interesting to learn something new. Here is the basic procedure for how to repost someone's story on Instagram.

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How to Repost Someone's Story on Instagram When You're Untagged?

Instagram does not allow users to repost someone's story they are not tagged in. No one can help you, except by recording the story on the screen with your mobile phone or other gadgets, then reposting the edited result on your own timeline or story.

Furthermore, Instagram does not allow you to repost photos from stories. However, this is a very basic problem that needs to be fixed. Just take a screenshot of the other story and repost it by adding the photo to your story.

But what is the best way to take a screenshot ? Your Android phone and your iPhone both have a screen capture function. You can also use the excellent screenshot apps for Android, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Once you have taken a screenshot of the story, post it to your profile by simply tapping on your profile picture. Select screenshot, then press the send button, and finally, tap the share button.


Best Apps to Repost an Instagram Story

One of the most formidable methods to overcome Instagram difficulties is to use third-party apps. And the more Instagram becomes famous, the more third-party applications are developed. Thereby, we strongly suggest the following apps to help you learn how to repost someone's story on Instagram.

1. Hyper Repost Pro pour Instagram

The tool Hyper Instagram Repost finds things in your content and instantly reposts them for you. And thanks to that, you can explore new relevant details using hashtags, marking people and places. What's more, it will keep your followers interested by reposting new content with your captions without having to move.

2. AiSchedul

AiSchedul is an integral IG content manager. It includes post/stories scheduling as well as a repost tool with a plethora of cool features. You can use AiSchedul to:

● Manage multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously.
● Donation events on Instagram that run automatically.
● Post to both your timeline and your IG story.
● Make a bio link that includes all references, icons and URLs associated with your stories and posts. Collect email details from your bio.


There are many variations on how to repost someone's story on Instagram. Unfortunately, each option has advantages and disadvantages. You can only repost stories you've been tagged in. It is therefore difficult for you to repost a publication that you really want to share with your own followers., but on which you have not been tagged.

However, you can also use instagram repost tool to make editing faster. Besides, you can save other people's stories to your phone using screenshots or screen recordings and post them to your accounts directly from your device.

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